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Battle Board Folder Pocket Flip XS


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Field Folder – Pocket Flip-Top

Organize your life with our simplified notebook holders. We’ve been asked many times to create pocket-sized notebook holders. We liked the result so much it expanded to three types and five sizes to fit nearly any notebook and binder out there. New high-tech materials, clean lines, velcro loop, elastic retention, and laminated fabrics highlight some of the new features on our extensive line-up of bi-fold, tri-fold, and flip-top notebook covers. No zippers to get in the way here. 


Bi-fold vs Tri-fold vs Flip-top Comparison

We’ve launched three different versions of our zipper-less Field Folders. The bi-fold versions are the simplest and most compact designs. They feature a single spine, clear display, pen loops, and a notebook area. An elastic loop around the top and bottom secures the bi-folders

The tri-fold designs feature a center panel between the two vertical spines for an additional mesh pocket storage. The tri-folder secures using a retractable and hidden, around-the-side elastic velcro strap. 

Our flip-top design mirrors the bi-folders and features corner tabs on the displays especially for notecards. The flip-top folders secure using a similar elastic loop over the top cover.



Each of our three styles comes in sizes meant for easy carry in a back or cargo pocket. The XXS size works perfectly for index cards or 3” x 5” notebooks and the XS size performs best with 4” x 6” notebooks. 


Fully Made in the USA 

Design Aspects

  • CORDURA® laminated composite fabrics provide extra durability and a great feel reminiscent of leather 
  • Tegris® thermomolded polypropylene panels make the cases lighter with clean laser-cut edges
  • Laminated fabric keeps the panels wrinkle-free and tight
  • Laser-cut patterns for precision and perfectly melted edges



  • Index card display and holder
  • Notebook holder
  • Field admin organizer
  • Operations & fire support planning
  • Checklist display



  • Protective abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sleeve for displaying maps and checklists
  • Pockets for top spiral or side-bound notebooks and note cards
  • Elastic pen loops
  • Rite in the Rain notebook holder
  • Fits in standard military cargo pocket (smaller sizes)



  • Laminated CORDURA® fabrics for an incredibly sturdy feel
  • Tegris® thermomolded polypropylene
  • Polycarbonate display sleeve – with abrasion-resistant coating 
  • High-quality YKK zipper (tri-fold designs)
  • Solution-dyed fabrics and bindings





Outer dimensions (folded)

4” x 6”

5” x 7”

Best-fit notebook

3×5 top-spiral

4×6 top-spiral




Display dimensions

3” x 5”

4” x 6”

Weight (Bi-folder)

2.5 oz

3.7 oz

Weight (Tri-folder)

4.5 oz

5.8 oz

Weight (Flip-top)

2.7 oz

3.3 oz

Compatible notebooks

3”x5” Top-spiral

3” x 5” index cards

3.5”x5” side-bound

4”x6” Top-spiral

3.5”x6” side-bound

Largest notebook dimensions

3.5” x 5”

5” x 6”

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