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5 Piece Australian Bump Key Set


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Pick My Lock 5 Piece Australian Bump Key Set

This 5 Piece Australian Bump Key Set is compiled of the most common locks found throughout Australia. It includes keys to suit: Lockwood, Whitco and Grainborough locks.


1x Lockwood LW4
This keyway profile is the most common keyway profile found on Australian locks. If you do not know which bump key you are after, get this one. This LW4 bump key is the 5 pin variant for the Lockwood C4 profiles. If you want a 6 pin version, look for the LW5.

x1 Lockwood LW4R
This keyway profile is the reverse profile version of the LW4. It is one of the less commonly used Lockwood profiles so avoid this key unless you know specifically which bump key you’re after. This LW4R bump key is a 5 pin variant.

x1 Lockwood LW5
This keyway profile is the 6 pin variant of the Lockwood LW4 key. This key and the LW4 are the 2 most commonly used keys in Australia.

x1 Yale Y1
This keyway profile is the most commonly found on European locks. It is also the most commonly used key on Yale lock cylinders. This bump key has 5 pin spacings.

x1 Gainsborough TE2
This keyway is commonly found in new houses. You may notice that the pin spacings on this bump key are not quite even. There are 5 peaks on this key. The 3rd one is an odd trapezoidal shape. That is because on Gainsborough locks, the distance between the 2nd and 3rd pin from the front is elongated. This does not affect bumping performance in the slightest.

6x Round Rubber Dampeners

x1 Key Ring 

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