Crimson Fury 2 – Bladed Broadhead Arrow Heads

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Crimson Fury vented 2-blade 125 grain weight fixed broadheads offer optimum performance in the field. Their latest 2-blade broadhead design features extra-thick blades for deep bone-breaking penetration on tough thick-skinned Australian games. This vented model has a traditional shape and a single beveled edge for improved strength, easier sharpening and better blood trails. Fits traditional wood arrows glue-on style when the insert is removed, broadheads come complete with industry-standard removable alloy adaptors, adaptors will need to be glued into broadheads for use as a screw-in broadhead when used with carbon or alloy arrows with fitted inserts.


  • 125-grain weight
  • Long-range accuracy
  • Single beveled edge
  • Extra thick blades for deep bone-breaking penetration
  • Razor-sharp vented high-quality steel 2-blade fixed broadhead


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