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Fox Combo Call – With Lanyard & Squeaker

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This shaker Fox Call features a variable pitch reed to imitate the distress cries of a rabbit or hare. Operate the bellows with an accordion-type movement. Popular for hunting fox or wild dog. This call can even operate by string line


CALLING:  Cupping a hand over the open end to change the tone, operate the bellows with an accordion-type hand movement, Because of the quickness of most predators, we recommend that you take full advantage of your Shaker Fox Call & operate it with your foot for any close work.


TIP: For extra concealment secure your predator call & tie a cord to the other end of the call. then hook the cord up so that you can pull it & operate the call remotely from a blind


  • High pitch screamer
  • Longest range plus bonus close-up squeaker
  • Easy to use hands-free


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