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The Lynx Hooks Gear Grabber Set creates sturdy, secure anchor points on fabric, without damaging the fabric. If the grommets on your tarp are ripped out, or in the wrong location for your needs, no problem — the Gear Grabber makes a quick and secure connection right where you want it. If you want to hang your bear spray within easy reach on the outside of your backpack, trust the Gear Grabber. Works great on all kinds of outdoor fabric — Visqueen, tent canvas, plastic tarps, backpack fabric, your sweatshirt, even ballistic fabric! Available in handy 4-pack.

LYNX Hooks Sport Stretch Straps are designed to do everything bungee cords and ocky straps can’t do, and then go further… way further. It’s all-possible because of three things we insisted upon as we developed LYNX Hooks:

Innovative Design, Top Shelf Materials and Superior Quality Control

Why bother with all that, if simple bungee cords and ocky straps are our only competition? Because our goal, isn’t just to make a stretch strap we can be proud of, it is to help ease you through your work or chores and get you outside with a minimum of gear to carry, doing the activities you love the most.


By adding Gear Grabbers with your LYNX Hooks you open up a lot more opportunities helping you find the ultimate tie-down solution for when you least expect it.


Condition: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item


  • Brand: Lynx Hook
  • Make a sturdy connection from fabrics and tarps for a tie-down possibility
  • Sold in a handy 4-pack (and as part of the LYNX Hooks Outdoorsman Stash Bag; sold separately).


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