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Lindnerhof Multi-Caliber Triple Front Panel MX234



MX234 Multi-Caliber Front Panel

Three fixed Multi-Caliber Pouches fully fill out the Panel, making it a super-fast and flexible gear-up tool for your daily business. Use either as a conventional panel or as a micro-rig.

MX234- The most efficient way to place mags on 250mm x 155mm

The MX234 Multi-Caliber Front Panel can carry three mags for an AR15 and on up to an HK417. It attaches to your plate carrier by means of Velcro® fasteners and/or with the included pair of click-it-to-attach-MOLLE buckles.

What’s more, you can easily transform it into a fully prepared micro-rig by adding the chest rig carrying system to its clips and to the two small loops on the panel, then covering the back of the panel with its Velcro® cover.

Multi-Caliber, multi-proven

The Lindnerhof Taktik Multi-Caliber Pouch is a multi-proven classic. These mag pouches are specially designed to hold a wide range of mag sizes.

The pouch accepts magazines for the AR15, the HK417, and everything in between.
The latest version of this Multi-Caliber pouch features the lightweight, performance-tested construction of our new MX material.

 Additionally, the Multi-Caliber Rifle Mag Pouch includes our new Alpha Tab 4.0 for better grip.

Grip it!

Cold. Wet. Dark. The new Alpha Tab 4.0 gives you greater grip and better access to your gear. Its special construction and rubber elements make the tab a smart, silent, universal accessory—one that easily adapts to virtually any elastic cord on your gear. Grip it, grab it, and affix it!


• 3 mags in front
• 2 ways of carrying: with our click-it-to-attach-MOLLE System and/or by Velcro® connection
• Additional loops for affixing a carrying system and transforming it into a micro-rig
• Made from multiaxial laminate MX
• Multi-Caliber pouches come with the new Alpha Tabs 4.0
• – More grip
• – Fast, easy handling and fixation of your mags
• 3 Lindnerhof Taktik classic Multi-Caliber Pouches integrated
• – Special construction enables carrying mags for AR15 to HK417
• – l-bar design combined with adjustable lacing allows the pouch’s sides and bottom to move freely

Color options:

• Coyote
• Stone gray
• Black
• 5fb Flecktarn
• MultiCam

Custom colours are also available should Defence or Law Enforcement require it (minimum quantities apply) 

What comes in the package:

• MX234 Multi-Caliber Front Panel
• 2 click-it-to-attach-MOLLE buckles
• Velcro® cover

Made In Germany 

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 5 cm

5-color flecktarn, Black, Coyote, Multicam, Stonegrey

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