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Lindnerhof Pistol Magazine Pouch Double MX762-2

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The MX762-2 features an innovative design that securely grips two 9mm double-stack pistol magazines. Its minimalist design contributes to making the MX762-2 exceptionally lightweight and to providing additional flexibility in choosing the closure system best-suited to mission requirements.

The minimalist design of the pouch with open top and bottom necessitates use of the accessory Grip Clip (included) to securely store the magazine and at the same time eliminates the need for a magazine-securing cover flap or elastic cord. Thereby helping reduce overall weight and slick use with lean built.


The Grip Clip works like a spring to apply sufficient pressure against the magazine to securely hold it within the open-bottomed pouch while also ensuring consistent draw resistance for faster reloading. Since the pouch has no bottom, the Grip Clip must be used or else the magazine will drop out. As well, the Grip Clip does away with the need for an additional closure system to prevent the magazine from falling out at either end of the pouch. The Grip Clip attaches very securely to the pouch by Velcro® fixation.


The MX762-2 pouch offers three ways to prevent the magazines from falling out. One is to use the Grip Clip, which has the advantage of adding the least amount of weight to the pouch. Another way is to use either a cover flap or an elastic cord to secure the magazine—these can serve to make for bulletproof placement. Lastly, the elastic cord option can be used in conjunction with the supplied Alpha Tab and grip features such as increased cover-flap hem thickness to facilitate easy handling.


The MX762-2 pouch can store different sizes of 9mm pistol magazines. All that’s required is adjustment of the over-flap position: shift it either more inward or outward through the pouch’s Velcro® attachment point. Alternatively, simply remove the over-flap entirely.


• Capacity for 2 double-stack 9mm pistol magazines
• Bottomless design reduces weight & improves functionality
• Compatible with MOLLE/Pals for mounting on other equipment
• Cover flaps for additional closure
• Elastic cords with Alpha Tabs for secure storing & fast, easy retrieval of magazine
• Grip Clips with Velcro® for interior fixed positioning

Custom colours are also available should Defence or Law Enforcement require it (minimum quantities apply) 

Made In Germany 



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