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Multigate Sterile Field Wound Dressing

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Sterile field wound dressing as issued to Australian military forces in the latter part of the 20th century.



Sterile wound dressing in a sealed, rectangular, olive drab fabric pouch, containing a pad with confroming badge. Small triangular shape cut from face side left to aide tearing open. Manufacturing details are printed in black text on the front and directions for use on the back. Irregular-shaped black-brown stain on back.


Front text – all capitalized: (Arrow symbol) To open tear here Sterile field wound dressings (Compressed for field use) (Three-pronged symbol) 6510-66-108-410 CAPO 7870026AC Multigate reorder: 30-338 Radiation sterilized (American spelling) in Sydney Australia Multigate (stylised logo) (symbol of Commonwealth star, a kangaroo and the southern cross) Multigate medical products pty ltd (Text printed sideways) D O M 10/07/1997 (Symbol of B in a circle) 270701 Back text – all capitalized (Printed in a rectangle outline) Directions for use 1. Retain outer bag 2. Remove dressing frm inner bag 3. Grasp bandage & pull pad open 4. Place face of pad onto wound 5. Place outer bag on the other face of pad & bandage 6. Tie or pin bandage * Do not handle wound or pad*


wound dressing, medical, heraldry, personal equipment


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