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Lindnerhof MX116 Admin Panel


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MX116 Admin Panel

Securely store and access maps and communication devices with ease. It’s craftedfrom multiaxial laminate MX, which is known for its durability and low weight. Withsufficient space for your devices, a removable map compartment and an adjustableholding surface you’ll always stay organized.

Easy access to necessary technology

The MX116 is designed for use with smartphones or other electronic devices. Itfeatures a large reinforced flap mounting surface on the inside, allowing the device tobe securely attached. You can attach the device directly using hook-tape (notincluded) or with the separately available LT316 holder.

Adjustment and fixation of the holding surface

An adjustable lacing system enables the user to customize the angle of the holdingsurface, providing maximum comfort. This design ensures that the angle remainsconstant even while moving, allowing you to keep your hands free to operate thedevice or keep them on the weapon.

Space for charging devices to ensure extended use

If the main compartment is not needed for cards or IDs, a power bank (not included)can also be stored here. Two elastic cable outlets in the lower section allow thedevice to be charged while in use, extending the duration of use without cableshanging outside. Additionally, BacktoBack tape is included for better cablemanagement.

Removable map compartment

Inside the panel you can find a transparent pocket designed for holding maps or IDpapers. This pocket not only protects the contents from splashing water or light rainbut also from dirt. The pocket is attached to the admin panel using Velcro® and canbe easily removed when not needed.

Holder for pens, patches & number plates

The MX116 features two separate compartments that allow for easy access to bothelectronic and classic pens. Alternatively, these compartments can be used to storelightsticks for illuminating a map.

To avoid obstructing the marking surface on your plate carrier, the MX116 isequipped with an additional Velcro®surface on the outside. This surface can be usedto attach patches and unit markings. Additionally, the panel includes anotherVelcro®surface on the inside, where you can fix the cover flap. This ensures that theflap does not block the view or access to map material or electronic equipment.


  • Admin pocket for electronic devices & maps
  • Attachment via MOLLE/PALS
  • Made from multiaxial laminate MX
  • Adjustable opening angle with lacing system and cord stopper
  • Reinforced with PE for better stability & light protection
  • Removable and transparent map compartment
  • Equipment compartment with cable outlets (for power supply via PowerBank)
  • 2 separate pen holders (pen or smart pen)
  • BacktoBack strap for cable fixation included
  • Hook strap for attaching end devices includedVelcro® area for patches
  • Smartphone Holder (LT316) with rubber bands available separately


One size (height: 13 cm, width: 18 cm)

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm

5fb Flecktarn, Black, Coyote, Multicam, Stone Gray

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