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National Police Service Medal (NPSM)

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National Police Service Medal (NPSM)

Instituted March 2011 the National Police Service Medal (NPSM) is awarded to sworn police officers that were serving on or after 14 February 1975 and have given at least 15 years of ethical and diligent service.

The NPSM is not a medal for long service and is not a time qualification award. The National Medal fits that category. Instead, the NPSM is for members who, at the 15-year mark have exhibited ethical and diligent service in their career and they may then be considered for the award.

The NPSM may be cancelled if the member does not continue to uphold these requirements.

The award may also be presented posthumously before the period of 15 years is reached, if death is a result of police service.


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