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Nato Stencil Large

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These military drawing and drafting symbol containing stencils are made of high quality orange transparent plastic. 190mm in length and 90mm wide stencils are composed of more than 150 tactical map symbols (APP-6A unit icons, aviation, bridging, engineer, explosive ordnance disposal, infantry, medical, navy, NBC defense, signals, equipment and modifier symbols), making it a must have device for Army men. They are especially popular among NATO military forces for their accurate marking and convenience. Orange colored making it easily accessible at low light yet transparent to mark the map underneath. On the other hand, scale marked on top side with 1:50000 ratio in km and centimeter on vertical side. Fine lining making the stencil perfect for easily marking on map accurately.


  • 190x90mm sized tactical stencil with map marking symbols
  • Extensively used by NATO military forces and navigators to mark the map being measured
  • Orange colored and transparent plastic made stencils allowing marking on paper sheets or clothes
  • More than 150 characters and symbols containing APP-6A unit icons (aviation, bridging, engineer, explosive ordnance disposal, infantry, medical, navy)
  • Consists of scales insides with a 1:50000 ratio in km horizontally and in cm vertically for accurate and precise marking


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