Oval Keylock Screwgate

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The new Black Diamond Oval Screwgate combines a time-tested symmetrical shape with a modern snag-free keylock design and a locking screwgate to create a versatile biner that’s worthy of any rack.
  • Snag-free keylock design for easy clipping and unclipping
  • Locking screwgate
  • Uniform shape prevents shifting
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Proven symmetrical design



  • INTENDED USE: The OK carabiner is optimal for loading devices with a wide section such as pulleys, ascenders, and progress capture pulleys.
  • SIZE AND STRENGTH: This midsize carabiner (22 mm gate) has a major axis strength of 25 kN.
  • EASY TO USE: The H-shaped profile is designed to offer a better grip with gloves on and the fluid, oval-shaped interior limits the risk of a catch point and allows for easy rotation.
  • LOCKING SYSTEMS: Choose between three locking systems: Screw-Lock for occasional use or dirty environments, Triact-Lock for frequent manipulation, or Ball-Lock for frequent manipulation with the added benefit of a lock indicator.
  • NO MORE SNAGGING: Petzl’s Keylock system helps avoid accidentally snagging your carabiner on your gear.


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