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Platatac Burrow Bivi Bag

$325.00 Inc.GST


Built to Defence specifications, this Bivi Bag is great for when a hootchie is either unpractical or simply not required. The Bivi’s water-resistant membrane protects the user from wind and rain whilst adding another layer between your sleeping bag and the cold air, limiting the heat transfer rate from you to the atmosphere.

This Bivi Bag features an inbuilt mosquito net across the opening and ties off hooks to hold the bag off your face while you sleep. Additional tie-off hooks can be found positioned around the outside of the bag to limit bag movement on slopes.

Gothic Olive Developed from Platatac’s own PLATATEX fabric. The waterproof properties of PLATATEX are complemented by its light stretch feature.



  • Constructed from Platatax, a 3 ply breathable waterproof material
  • Seam-sealed
  • Inbuilt mosquito net
  • Tie off hooks to limit movement on slopes and to hold the bag off your face
  • Includes free stuff sack
  • Length: 2.1m
  • Width (at Shoulders): 1.0m
  • Weight: 1050g


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