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The Platatac CJTC GRG arm board is a low profile wrist mounted folding commanders panel. Its slick design is ideal for maps, building plans, comms data and target identification or other key data needed in hard copy. It has fully adjustable elasticated wrist straps for comfort and can be worn easy either sleevle-less or over bulky cold weather clothing.

The top of the arm board has a “whiteboard” panel behind a fully removable ultracomp cover, which can be marked on with map marking pens, china graph pencils etc. The Whiteboard is perfect for quick tactical diagrams and other comms. The panel is designed to be reused, and can be cleaned easily and used again.

The CJTC GRG arm board features a main waterproof PVC windowed sleeve perfect for a Nav Data Sheet on an extended patrol that is accessed by a Velcro closure at the rear of the arm board.


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