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Platatac Gonk Sleeping Mat 3/4 V2

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With six internal ground insulating foam panels, the Platatac Gonk Mat is a 3/4 length reversible sleeping mat that is designed to be a simplistic alternative to bulkier self-inflating variants. It can be folded and placed in an ALICE frame or rolled up and strapped to your pack with ease. Some have even been seen stitching the mat to the bottom of their packs for a quick “roll-up, strap and go” setup.

This updated design features an integrated elastic cord for easy storage and chiseled corners.


  • 3/4 body length (88cm x 45cm)
  • Weight 400 grams
  • Six internal ground insulating foam panels
  • Can be folded or rolled up
  • Fits inside ALICE frames
  • Available in DPCU/DPDU


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