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Platatac GRG Admin Panel

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The GRG (Grid Reference Graphic) Admin panel is designed to hold small maps, checklists, target pictures or other key data needed in hard copy.

Internally a 1” webbing area can hold a Princeton Tec headlamp with the molle function. An elastic loop with clear plastic cover will hold a Garmin 401 or similar GPS.

Elastic webbing loops can hold pens, pencils or a cyalume to illuminate the map area. Between the MOLLE on the rear of the panel is an elastic sleeve which will take a Silva 54/6400 compass.

The small utility pouch can hold a multitool, flashlight or similar sized items.

The panel is secured by a web tape tab with a hook that fastens to the loop exterior field.

The clear plastic map sleeve can be marked on with map marking pens, chinagraph pencils etc. etc.

The GRG Admin Panel comfortably fits across 4 MOLLE columns.


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