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PLATATAC Raider Dump Pouch



he PLATATAC Raider Dump Pouch is a large, versatile dump pouch designed to take on heavy loads without excessive movement. Featuring an elastic leg strap to secure the bottom of the pouch, the Raider makes carrying spent magazines and whatever else you need significantly easier.
The front Raider Dump Pouch is constructed with two full-length gussets, which expand to carry large, bulky items or can accommodate an array of items. It can fit up to ten 30-round 5.56 magazines, two 1L Bottles (such as our PLATATAC 1L Flasks), or spent 40mm casings. The Raider Dump Pouch can also be used as an SSE bag.

Internally, the front face is lined with loops of elastic to contain cyalumes, sharpies, decompression needles or other similar-sized quick-access items. On the back are two rows of MOLLE/PALS for the attachment of a ‘go to’ magazine pouch, spare smoke/bang/grenade pouch, radio pouch or whatever else you may need to carry. On the PALS, Velcro is sewn onto it to interact with either the securing flap or the opposite side Velcro to close the pouch.
 There is another colour-matched loop field on the front of the pouch to securely close the pouch. A shock cord drawstring adds additional security to items. The bottom of the pouch has two drainage mesh-covered ports, perfect for maritime, littoral or jungle ops.

The standout feature of the raider dump pouch is the 25mm elastic webbing leg strap, which prevents the dump pouch from swinging around when loaded up. Not only does this increase the comfort of a heavy dump pouch, but it also lessens the movement of the pouch, which results in a quieter load.

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 cm


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