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Rubber Training Plates – Blue – 8.75lb / 3.968kg


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Introducing the Armor Australia Rubber Training Plate – the perfect accessory for your training needs! Designed to mimic the weight and feel of actual armor plates, this rubber plate is an essential tool for military personnel, law enforcement agencies, security professionals, and fitness enthusiasts.

Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, this training plate provides a realistic training experience without the added weight and potential risks associated with traditional metal plates. Constructed from durable rubber material, it offers exceptional durability that withstands rugged use, ensuring it will last through countless training sessions.

The Armor Australia Rubber Training Plate is a versatile addition to your training arsenal. Whether you’re looking to improve your tactical skills, simulate real-life scenarios, or enhance your physical strength, this plate delivers a reliable and safe training solution. It’s ideal for use in tactical drills, conditioning exercises, and functional fitness workouts.

Featuring a form-fitting design, this training plate easily integrates with plate carriers and vests, providing a secure and comfortable fit. Its ergonomic shape promotes proper weight distribution, enabling you to move naturally and perform various exercises with ease. The plate’s size and weight correspond to the industry standard, enhancing the authenticity of your training sessions.

Furthermore, the rubber material used in this training plate minimizes noise and vibrations, ensuring a quiet and distraction-free training environment. It also reduces the risk of damage to training surfaces such as gym floors, making it suitable for indoor use.

Invest in the Armor Australia Rubber Training Plate and take your training to the next level. Upgrade your tactical skills, build strength, and improve your overall performance without compromising safety. Order your training plates today and experience the difference it makes in your training regimen.



– Size: 250mm x 300mm
– Compatible with the Sord plate hanger II 

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