Solcor Ezy Adjusta Cord

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The Solcor Ezy Fully Adjustable Shock Cord can be adjusted to any length between 10-90 cms (100-900 mm). It features a locking clip that keeps the excess cord secured away. And what’s more, it’s manufactured from heavy-duty nylon with a solid rubber core for UV protection and additional strength, making it resistant to abrasion, saltwater and salt air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals (including chlorine).


So whether you’re storing ropes, securing luggage and boxes, the Solcor Fully Adjustable Shock Cord will always come in handy. A must-have in every boat!



  • Manufactured from 6/nylon with a glass-reinforced nylon additive for UV protection
  • Solid rubber inner core – specially formulated to resist UV deterioration
  • User friendly – no sharp edges. Fittings specially designed for safety and won’t scratch painted surfaces etc


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