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Vargo Outdoor Insulated Stainless Steel Para-Bottle (0.95L)

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No other bottle can keep your hot drinks hot or your cold drinks cold AND bail you out in case of emergency. The patent pending vacuum insultated Stainless Steel Para-Bottle™ features 7 feet of integrated replaceable 550 paracord in the carry loop, a geometric shaped lid, standard wide mouth compatible threading, and food grade stainless steel construction. It’ll keep your hot liquids hot for 12 hours or keep them iced for over 24. It’s your insulated lifeline for the everyday or not so everyday adventures.


  • Vacuum insulated (12 hours hot, 24 hours cold) to keep your beverages the way you want them when you want them
  • Food grade stainless steel construction is durable and strong
  • BPA & BPS – free plastic geometric shaped lid is easy to screw on and off, even with gloves
  • Food grade silicone o-ring keeps liquids sealed inside
  • 7 foot customizable paracord carry loop for multiple uses
  • Fits most standard backcountry water filters and accessories

Patent Pending 29/542,229 


  • Capacity: 32 oz/0.95 liter
  • Weight: 15 oz/427 grams
  • Height: 9 inches/229 mm
  • Diameter: 3.6 inches/91 mm


Lukewarm, tepid, and cool are not words that should describe your beverage when you’re on the go or half a day away from civilization. The Insulated Stainless Steel Para-Bottle™ will keep your hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours and your cold ones cold for over 24. Its wide mouth and standard threading makes it easy to pour liquids or ice into or out of it and while being able to attach your favorite water filter or accessories. With 7 feet of integrated replaceable 550 paracord in the carry loop, you’ll never be without cordage when you need it most. And the geometric lid ensures you can get the lid off with ease even while wearing gloves so that you can enjoy your hot coffee or tea miles from the trailhead.


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